Customer Care Management Of Sheraton Hotel Uganda Tourism Essay


Kampala Sheraton Hotel is an international hotel in Kampala, Uganda. It is situated on Ternan Avenue in the cardinal division of Kampala. Sheraton Hotel Kampala is portion of the Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide Incorporation. Sheraton is located at the bosom of Kampala. Sheraton Kampala serves the demands of upscale concern and leisure travellers worldwide. For over 75 old ages this full-service, iconic trade name has welcomed invitees, going a sure friend to travellers and one of the universe ‘s most accepted hotel trade names. It has besides stepped into major international markets all over the universe.

Wikipedia defines client attention as the proviso degree Fahrenheit service to clients before, during neodymium after purchase. The client attention operates in markets whose gustatory sensations change as times change. The cordial reception industry is greatly affected by these alterations and this means that the client attention has to alter consequently. Customer attention services at Sheraton Hotel Kampala include dependable services, security, parking infinite, front desk services, upscale frontiers, attraction, beauty, velocity that comes with service bringing, attending to clients, expectancy of client demands, honestness and a nice attitude towards clients. These services are intended to do clients comfy, create memories they can chew over approximately, make satisfaction that will do them to pay for the services and thereby retain the clients. Every concern hopes to make and function but the challenge is really run intoing the motivation.

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Sheraton Hotel has besides provided quality services for its client base. The hotel has a client attention service policy which caters for client activities. These policies include sole adjustment, efficient and timely bringing of services, hotel ushers, security, client attending, parking infinite, 24hour forepart desk services, and expectancy of client services. Despite Sheraton Kampala ‘s attempts to supply the best services to its clients, the hotel has rivals in the hotel industry like Serena. Unfortunately, the company can hardly make much in making a new market. This is due to the norm to low criterions of life of people in Uganda.


The mark survey population was the clients and staff of Sheraton Kampala. The survey involved 75 respondents, 50 of which were clients of the hotel and 25 were portion of the staff at Sheraton Kampala. Non statistical methods were used for illustration the nature of field respondents and other field state of affairss.

A descriptive survey was undertaken in order to find the features of involvement at Sheraton Kampala. The qualitative and quantitative informations acquired from both primary and secondary beginnings was analyzed. The survey was majorly based on client ‘s positions, sentiments and penchants in order to do judgements, decisions and recommendations. The primary beginnings of information were acquired from the staff and the clients of the hotel. The secondary information was acquired from Internet, newspapers, diaries, gross revenues study and bills.

Questionnaires were given out to the clients in order to seek their sentiments, positions and penchants. Observation of the clients was conducted in order to verify that the clients ‘ actions were a batch like their positions.


These are the happening refering the demographic features of employees at the Sheraton Kampala.

There were more female employee respondents than male respondents. This exactly means that females are more attractive in the hotel service industry because of they are presumed to be better at client attention in comparing with males.

From the above illustration, most of the workers are aged between 30 and 39 followed by 20-29, so 40-45 and in conclusion 50 and supra.

From the consequences above, all the employees are educated and have the capableness to react to the questionnaires given out.

The hotel client attention service recruits people who are old and mature of which most are married.

The lone explicable ground for the mentality of the consequences is chiefly because Christianity dominates as a faith in Uganda.

This means that decisions can be based on the positions of the employees for they have gained a ample sum of work experience.

These are findings refering the client attention schemes employed by Sheraton Kampala.

44 % of the employees agreed that circuit ushers and other services are the best schemes employed by the hotel. 28 % of the employees recommended preparation of the employees. 20 % and 8 % of the employees suggested that motive of the employees and after gross revenues services would be a great schemes. This is so because this would pull clients which in bend brings about client keeping and increased gross revenues.

28 % of the clients agreed that they work manus in manus with the top direction in order to better client attention for the intents of client satisfaction. This is more or less induction preparation of the employees. 44 % of the employees were non certain about if the top direction plants manus in manus.

One can so reason that the activities guarantee quality of client attention and client satisfaction.

56 % of the clients acknowledge that for client attention services to be successful, the client ‘s demands should be at bosom in order to accomplish client satisfaction while the others are non certain or carry a different sentiment.

Most of the clients appreciated the services that were offered so the services at Sheraton Kampala are creditable.

These are findings refering client attention services.







Polite and gracious
























On critical analysis of the above findings, one can rate the client attention services at Sheraton Kampala as by and large good.



Parking infinite


Front Desk Service

Hotel ushers

Customer attending
























Sing the above consequences, it is no admiration why people go to Sheraton Kampala. This is because of their good services despite some defects faced in some countries particularly with the hotel ushers.


SWOT analysis is a signifier of strategic analysis that identifies and analyses the chief internal strengths and failings and external chances and menaces that will act upon future way and success of the concern.




Location of the concern

Internationally known trade name name

Good client attention policy

Experienced direction

Good service scope

Focus on client satisfaction

Consistent quality direction and hygiene criterions.

Recruitment of unskilled workers that require preparation.

Poor services offered by hotel ushers

Few services offered to clients

High monetary values charged for quality services.

Staff turnover high particularly amongst portion clip staff.




Undifferentiated merchandises and services in relation to rivals like Serena

A new international market

Potential growing in develoing states like Uganda

Lower monetary values charged on services increasing consumer demand in Uganda

A new rival i.e. Serena Hotel

Monetary value wars with rivals

Tax is increased on the services.

Changing consumer gustatory sensations for illustration diminution in popularity of adjustment.

Globolisation driing down monetary values


This is analysis of the Political, Economics, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental issues relevant to a concern like Sheraton hotel Uganda.


The revenue enhancement imposed on Sheraton affects the pricing of their hereafter investings like redevelopment, the figure of workers employeed and the services and goods offered.

Taxs cut Sheraton ‘s grosss so there will be merely adequate money to cover costs and non for investing programs.

Since Sheraton receives many clients, the employees have to be many excessively for effectual client satisfaction. The figure of clients determines the figure of employees in the client attention direction.

When the monetary values of services are high, Sheraton will meet losingss. This is because Ugandans are monetary value sensitive and the market portion might cast off to Sheraton ‘s competition.

Uganda is politically stable with improbable opportunities of civil agitation so the concern environment is unaffected.


The economic environment is really of import to Sheraton Uganda. Given the economic rhythm of roar and recession, it could impact the gross revenues of the Hotel either positively or negatively.

Degrees of unemployment will impact both client demand and ability to enroll workers at Sheraton.

High revenue enhancements imposed on exports like oil are barriers to international trade.

Food can non be imported without duties thereby increasing repast charges. This does n’t run into demands of low income groups.

Unemployment is increasing thereby cut downing consumer incomes and cut downing market size of Sheraton.

Interest rates charged on loans are high so future investings are limited.

The exchange rate appreciates thereby net incomes in Ugandan currency.

Social factors

More and more adult females are traveling out to work and this has increased the market size for ready made repasts. Sheraton ‘s market size is turning.

Increased educational attainment has increased the work force skills thereby better client attention offered.

Dietary tendencies are altering for illustration there is less demand for meat merchandises.

Turning wellness consciousness – demand for healthy nutrient is increasing.

The population is immature and they largely buy fast nutrients.


Quality has been well improved through applications of Information Technology for illustration recovering information from a database about the available suites at Sheraton. This saves clip and avoids dual engagement of a room.

Full cyberspace coverage is available and clients can book online and do reserves excessively.

Legal factors

Sheraton have certain rights in jurisprudence which need to be taken history of in hotel industry. For illustration since Sheraton Uganda is an international company, it has to enroll Ugandans as employees.

Environmental factors

Businesss need to be seen as green to make positive public dealingss image with both employees and clients. It besides shuns off force per unit area groups and Sheraton can hold a respectable public image.


From the findings, it can be deduced that Sheraton Hotel Kampala has a good public presentation degree particularly towards employees. Some of their significant client attention services include preparation of employees on client service handling, ailment handling, seeking client attending, avenues of client ‘s ailments, conveyance services and replacing. Employee motive has been a stimulation to the turning figure of clients at Sheraton Kampala. However, developing and motive should be enforced in order to maximise the client attention bringing. From the research findings, the client attention services are by and large good as acknowledged by hotel clients. However Sheraton has n’t created an interface for client ‘s ailments that can aerate out their positions on the services provided.

It is besides of import to observe that a important relationship between client attention bringing and client satisfaction exists. The two variables are straight relative to each other. The better the client attention bringing, the improved satisfaction of the client and frailty versa.


The hotel should set up and present streamlined hotel ushers who are more knowing about the hotel. When a few of the hotel ushers were asked about the hotel, they were merely familiar with the dining and resting suites avenues. This is a restriction to Sheraton Kampala.

The ailments of the clients should be extremely regarded. A client ailment desk should be established. The hotel will so be more unfastened to external thoughts if they handle the thoughts.

As the nucleus focal point of Sheraton Kampala is the client satisfaction. The direction of the hotel should affect the clients while planing the client attention policies.

The employees of Sheraton should be involved in the designing of the client attention policies as their creativeness will be tapped and more thoughts will be sprought up.


Research should be carried out on the employee public presentation and client satisfaction.

Research should be carried out on the impact of client attention services on gross revenues volume.

Research should be carried out comparing client attention services of other hotels.