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The film that I watched was called Twister. It is a film that is about the survey of twister? s and a narrative of one of the histrions lives called Joe. As a small miss, Joe? s male parent was killed by an F-5 twister ( This is the largest size twister possible ) . The film begins with the existent decease of Joe? s male parent in 1969. After the calamity, clip is moved on to present twenty-four hours and into the field where Joe is with a group of scientist? s called the Chaser? s.

Joe is soon married to a adult male called Bill. Bill is on the manner to the field to acquire some divorce documents signed by Joe so that he can get married once more to a adult female named Melissa. Joe has put together a twister analyzing device called Dorothy. Dorothy is a large case shot filled with 100s of small censors that fly up into the twister and step the size and air current speeds all at the same clip. The lone manner that the Chaser? s can do it work is if they put it in the harm way of the twister. Joe is traveling to surprise Bill with Dorothy because he is the 1 who really thought up the design, and at the same clip has intentionally non signed one of the documents.

Bill eventually arrives and asks Joe for the documents. Joe hands Bill the documents and Acts of the Apostless like everything is all right. Bill looks through the documents and finds the paper non signed, and Joe acts as if she ne’er say the paper and begins to read it. Bill becomes frustrated and merely as She is about to subscribe one of the pursuer? s yells out & # 8221 ; there is a twister about 30 stat mis off & # 8221 ; . Joe and her squad all of a sudden run to their autos and take off toward the country where the twister is. Bill is left standing at that place and realizes that the documents were non signed. Bill gets into his truck with Melissa and returns to follow the pursuers. He is following and looks in his mirror and can see a viing group of pursuers and is runoff the route and busts a tyre.

Bill catches up with the group at a small gas station that happens to hold a tyre fix topographic point across the street. Bill is standing in the route and realizes that the other groups leader is a old spouse named Jonas. Jonas had gone out and found some corporate patrons and making so stole Bill? s design of Dorothy and has merely named it something else. Bill is wholly indignant and attempts to pick a battle with Jonas. Bill is so huffy that he decides to fall in the pursuers and

attempt to do Dorothy fly.

After a small piece of waiting around with conversation, a twister touches down and the pursuers jump in their autos and travel toward the twister? s topographic point of touchdown. Bill is driving Joe? s truck and they see the twister in a field. Bill enters the field in forepart of the twister and acquire s down into a ditch. Bill finds that he can? t acquire out of the ditch and runs into a span with a tractor on it. The twister is excessively close for Bill and Joe to set Dorothy into the way, so they decide to conceal under the span for protection. Joe? s truck is picked up by the twister and is thrown into the street where Melissa about collides with it as she was following in the dorsum of the convoy.

Soon subsequently another twister touches down and one time once more, the squad is unsuccessful. They decide subsequently to park for the dark and they are at a hotel with a drive-in film theatre built following door. Everyone is standing about and all of a sudden a really big twister all of a sudden comes hotfooting upon them. The film theatre and the people in the hotel take screen in a garage cavity. The twister destroys the drive-in and the garage but everyone is okay.

After the twister passes over, they find out that is headed toward a town called Wakita. The twister has besides grown stronger after fall ining forces with another storm and has become an F-4. Joe? s aunt lives in Wakita and she is really disquieted for her. Bill tells Melissa to head place and take the truck with her. Melissa tells Bill that their relationship is over and walks off. Bill so goes to the truck and caputs off towards Wakita with the remainder of the crew.

When they eventually acquire to the town, the full topographic point is wiped-out. They drive to the house where Joe? s aunt lives and finds that the house is hardly standing. They holler for Meg ( Joe? s aunt ) and happen that she is in the cellar with a bookshelf on the top of her. Bill pulls the book shelf off of her and safely gets Meg out of the house. They call an ambulance and they tell Joe that Meg has a broken carpus and a bump on the caput.

One of the pursuers comes into the ambulance and Tells Joe that the storm has joined an even bigger storm and an F-5 twister, the biggest in 30 old ages has touched the land. Joe decides to travel for it and the full squad loads up and caputs toward the twister. The remainder you are merely traveling to hold to see for yourself! ! !