?Waste banana plant (Musa sp.) Trunks as an Alternative source of pulp for paper making Essay

Edible Banana ( Musa sp. ) the works is a mammoth herb that springs from an belowground root, or rhizome, to organize a false bole 3–6 metres ( 10–20 pess ) high ( Encyclopedia Britannica, 2006 ) . Bananas can non be grown anyplace because they are really sensitive to strong air currents, therefore, if planted on unfastened countries, one must utilize parkas for the banana works non to be harmed, the works can be besides planted on dry lands provided that there is a stable irrigation ( Department of Agri-culture, 2010 ) .

Paper is a stuff made of cellulose mush, derived chiefly from wood, shreds and certain grasses, processed into flexible sheets or axial rotations by sedimentation from an aqueous suspension ( Encyclopedia Britannica, 2008 ) .It is the most widely used stuff by world since its find in China. The mean dimensions of a missive sized paper is 8.27*11.69mm

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The purpose of this survey is to happen out if the mush from bole banana is suited for paper production.

Statement of Problem
General Objective
This survey chiefly aims to happen out if mush from the banana tree bole is a better alternate than wood mush Specific Aims:
1. ) This survey aims to happen out if paper produce utilizing banana works trunk’s mush is more economic than the commercially used tree bole mush ; 2. ) And to happen out what is better: 100 % banana works bole mush of banana tree bole mush plus recycled paper. Hypothesis

The paper made in this survey will be more cost efficient than paper mass green goods by companies utilizing commercial class wood mush Significance of the survey The paper made from the waste banana works bole mush will Increase the income of the Banana husbandmans here in the Philippines because alternatively of merely flinging the Banana works short pantss after reaping the ripe bananas, they could sell it to mills for added income Scope and Limitation of the Study

This survey is merely limited to the usage banana works short pantss and recycled paper in the creative activity of paper that will be produce by this survey.

Definition of footings
Banana-a arboreal tropical thenar with big foliages and flower bunchs that develop into a clump of finer shaped fruit which are xanthous or ruddy when ripe ( Webster’s New Encyclopedic Dictionary, 1999 ) . Wood Pulp-a stuff prepared by chemical or mechanical agencies chiefly from wood and used in doing paper and cellulose merchandises ( Webster’s New Encyclopedic Dictionary, 1999 ) .

Review of Related Literature and Review of Related Studies

Banana ( Musa sp. )
Name for several species of the genus Musa and for the fruits these produce. The banana plant-one of the largest herbaceous plants-is said to be native in tropical Asia, but is now cultivated throughout the Torrid Zones ( The Free Dictionary 2010 ) . Wood Pulp

Pulp from wood used in doing cellulose derived functions ( as paper or rayon ) Mold and Deckle
A cast is a wooden frame with wire mesh stretched on it while a deckle is merely a wooden frame the same size as the cast but is has no wire mesh stretched over it. Related Surveies
There is a survey conducted by the pupils of University of Cordoba and University of Pablo, Spain ( 2012 ) to qualify the banana works residues and utilize it in pulping and burning procedures.

Another survey conducted by the North East Science and engineering Institute ( 2008 ) which aims to do lubricating oil proof paper out of banana mush fibre.


Tools and Materials

The waste banana works bole that was used in this survey were taken from Brgy. Punta Tabuc, Roxas City, Capiz. The stuffs that were a machete,3 personal computer lower banana works short pantss, a deckle, 3 personal computers 10?7 silk screen and mesh wire screen casts, a big chromium steel steel pot and Na hydrated oxide.